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“We are commercially viable and sustainable, impact led and outcome driven with fearless conviction for change using data and AI for good. Insanely crazy for innovation that will create jobs and drive human wealth.”

John Kamara
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Backed Up By Industry Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

By 2030, AI technology is predicted to add over $15Trillion to the global economy. The AI Centre of Excellence is the first and leading outcome driven and action-oriented platform for AI in Africa.

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What we can do for you and your business

At AI Centre of Excellence, we are passionate about creating value and sustainable solutions through implementation, using three modules:

Knowledge Sharing Centre and Academic Research

AI Centre of Excellence provides training to produce highly trained expert AI and ML Engineers. This is through the intensive training done by seasoned AI and ML Engineers.

AI is one of the fastest growing technologies with an increase in demand for AI/ML experts. Demand for AI experts has increased by 74% over the past 4 years. We build partnerships with organizations in particular industries to understand challenges they experience and provide solutions, during the knowledge sharing process.

AI Services

“Data is the new oil”

Harvard Business Review

There is an increase in digitization of businesses which results in an avalanche production of data. AI has proven that this data can be put to use to increase business’ profit margins and generate revenue..

AI Centre of Excellence offers customized and industry tailored AI services. The services fall under two categories:

  • Inhouse: AI Centre of Excellence has inhouse developers who are working to ensure all products within Ada Lab Africa, our partner, are AI driven.
  • Outsourced: AI Centre of Excellence is outsourced by organizations to provide disruptive AI solutions.

Research and Development (R&D)

Africa as a whole, has recurrent challenges. We focus on carrying out intensive research in our research centres to come up with products which serve as solutions.

Research and development will enable the centre to investigate and come up with top tier innovations.

AI Use Cases

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The finance industry interacts with massive amounts of data on a daily basis. This data is however not all structured and hardly used as effectively as it can. The large amount of data is underused, or there is not enough tools put in place to maximise the same.

How AI can leverage on the amount of data collected:
New account opening and approvals:

Using a well developed AI tool, it is possible to accurately and quickly assess the risk profile of each new client with the help of credible official data.

Sorting through large amounts of unstructured data:

AI tools are able to sort through large amounts of structured and unstructured data and recognise patterns within that data, structure and clean the data as well as perform simple predictions.

Data analytics for asset management, risk management, trading:

The large amounts of data can be analysed and used to improve these processes while leading to much better results.

New account opening and approvals:

It is possible to accurately and quickly assess the risk profile of each new client with the help of credible official data, allowing for quicker processing and therefore more openings and approvals where applied.

Mining Big Data:

AI based solutions are able to collect, and analyse information that banks and other financial industries have been collecting over the years. Such information includes: How demand affects products and services, price fluctuations of different investments against others, volatility of prices etc.

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Misdiagnosis of diseases:

AI systems are not prone to human error and hence result in a reduction in diagnosis, hence lives are saved and faster, accurate and efficient diagnosis which reduces time and money spent. Examples: Path AI helps pathologists come up with accurate cancer diagnosis Freenome is used for early cancer detection

Customer experience:

An overwhelming large majority of all individual complaints in healthcare are often about negative customer experience. It is very important for the healthcare industry to have good customer care services as this will result in retention, higher conversion rates, better brand reputation and better handling of the customer process flow. AI technology can be used to improve patient experience through the use of bots Examples: Babylon Health uses a chatbot to personalize healthcare by reviewing patient symptoms.

Managing medical data:

The healthcare industry collects tonnes of data which if properly utilized, can be used to generate useful insights, increase efficiency and accuracy of certain systems, as well as potentially save lives. It is estimated that lack of proper utilization of these datasets loses the industry $100 billion a year. AI can be used to process and make sense of this data. Examples: Kensci which takes tonnes of data from different sources and then uses it to predict individuals who might get sick

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Ways to be involved

Together, let’s get on a mission to place Africa on the world map for AI and ML.


Funding for AiCE

Join hands with us as we put AI in Africa on the map. Your funding will help ensure continuity, establish scalability among others.


Provide use cases

AI Centre of Excellence produces highly trained AI and ML experts who will provide solutions to your organization.


Sponsor a student

AI Centre of Excellence is in Africa, for Africa. Help sponsor AI/ML engineers to ensure Africa benefits from solutions during this Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Mentor a cohort

As an AI/ML expert, AI Centre of Excellence offers you an opportunity to inspire, guide and lead.


Train an employee

Being that AI is a revolution, help equip your staff with the right tools to ensure continuity of your organization and to remain up to speed with the development of technology.


Provide employment

Need an AI/ML expert in your organisation? AI Centre of Excellence is a hub of AI/ML experts who are equipped with the necessary skills that you need in your organization to take you to the next level.

Grow Your Skills With Us

Aspire to be part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Join the first AI Centre of Excellence knowledgeers’ cohort. We believe that although AI might be rampant outside Africa, we are the solutions to democratizing and creating a pool of world class AI and ML engineers in Africa.

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